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What Are The Criteria For An Optimal Hair Transplant?

The interview prior to the transplant project:

It helps to deepen the relationship between the patient and the surgeon and it includes:

  • The detailed explanation of the micrografting process, in particular its technique, results, costs, contraindications according to its specific characteristics.
  • The collection of medical and surgical history, but also the family history of baldness.
  • Recalling the patient's personal history of hair loss, identifying, in addition to the date of onset, any factors that triggered this loss, treatments followed or interventions already undergone.

Clinical Hair Examination

It helps to deepen the relationship between the patient and the surgeon and it includes:

It allows personalized hair diagnosis which includes:

  • Palpation of the scalp to assess its elasticity.
  • A measure of the density of the hair on the different areas of the skull.

The densitometry examination, using a micro-camera with a magnifying effect which allows:

  • Checking the thickness of the hair in each area.
  • The hair count and therefore the determination of the density per square centimeter of the donor area and the areas to be implanted.
  • The identification and counting of hair in the telogen phase (end of life) in each area, in order to target areas at high risk of rapid hair loss and establish the best therapeutic strategy.

In the field of hair transplants, to guarantee a good result there are 4 criteria to be taken into consideration:

  • The patient's expectations of what the procedure should accomplish.
  • The stage of alopecia.
  • The characteristics of the hair (quality, texture, thickness…).
  • The capacity of the donor area.

It is important that the patient and surgeon agree on honest and achievable goals for the procedure - and that the patient continues to maintain achievable goals after performing their first procedure and for future procedures.

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