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You will find here all the necessary information on the course of the stay from start to finish with details.

First Examination Before The Operation

We will do a first examination using the photos that the patient will send. We also ask the patient for all the details of his medical case, illness and allergies. In some cases we ask for the agreement of the patient's doctor if necessary.

What Not To Do Before The Surgery

Two days before the operation, alcohol, aspirin or drugs should not be taken.

Tips to follow

It is preferable not to smoke cigarettes or narghile and reduce the use of caffeine in the period before the operation because it has an impact on local anesthesia and for healing after the operation.

On The Day Of The Operation

Before starting the surgery we give the patient all the detailed information on the technique used, the duration of the operation, the approximate number of grafts as well we answer their questions.

We take the samples for the blood tests and then we start the anesthesia. The patient has a lunch break and breaks as needed to rest or go to the toilet for example. After the operation the patient is given the postoperative care, the pillow and everything necessary, then the driver drops him off at the hotel to rest.

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