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Eyebrows have an important place in expressing our emotions effectively.

As a result of skin diseases, eyebrows spill out as well as permanent make-up makes the spill quickly. As a result of the failure of new hairs to replace these spilled hairs, people undergo hair transplantation. This operation proceeds in three stages. These are ; After the examination of the area where the planting is going to be done, the operation process can last up to 180 minutes and the dressing and Fue process is started. As a result of all the work done, hair transplantation process is completed. Eyebrow transplantation is also a process by planting hair samples from the donor area, such as hair transplantation, to the eyebrows.

Eyebrow Transplantation

When this procedure is done, positive results are obtained after approximately 6 months. Eyebrow cultivation with a natural elongation will make the face look more alive. The fact that the eyebrow transplantation process is quite simple has encouraged users to take this service. Areas drawn during transplantation are made according to the wishes of the users. This process by transferring the samples taken from the donor area to the eyebrow will also prevent to spilling.

There are no side effects of this procedure because the eyebrow cultivation is made from the person's own hair like the same hair transplantation. At the same time, the operation is permanent. This method can be done by men as well as women. The loss of eyebrows resulting from problems such as trauma will also disappear. The experts of this process serve the world as well as our country. Hair Extrem company with a long history in this regard you can make your face look more alive by contacting you.

What Is An Eyebrow Transplant?

An eyebrow transplant is a procedure, similar to a hair transplant that works to reconstruct your eyebrows. The process works by taking donor hair from the scalp and transplanting it to the eyebrows to help achieve a fuller brow.

Who Would Need An Eyebrow Transplant?

An eyebrow transplant is a great treatment for those who spent years over-plucking their eyebrows and now has thin to nonexistent eyebrows.

The treatment can work to completely build a new and natural looking brow and it can also help to fill out thin eyebrows giving a much fuller and more defined brow.

The eyebrow transplant treatment is also perfect for those who have scars through facial injury/burning in or around the eyebrow. Hair does not grow in places with scar tissue and this can leave you with gaps in the eyebrow. The transplant can work to fill in any gaps and return your brows back to how they once were.

Eyebrow transplants also work for those who having thinning or no brows due to age and alopecia.

How Does An Eyebrow Transplant Procedure Work?

The eyebrow transplants work in a similar way to an FUE hair transplant. Donor hair is extracted from the back of the scalp using a custom built micro-surgical instrument, the micro-surgical device isolates individual follicular units which are then carefully removed and guarded to ensure all of your donor hair is kept safe.

The recipient area, in this case the eyebrow is anaesthetised. A micro-surgical instrument called an implanter helps implant the donor hairs accurately. Each follicle is carefully inserted at an angle to follow the natural growth of you eyebrows. This ensures when the new hair grows it will look as natural as possible.

Both the donor area and the recipient area will take up to 7 days to heal. Over the next 3 to 6 months your new eyebrows will begin to grow.

What Is The Aftercare Like?

The aftercare for your eyebrow transplant is pretty easy, as mentioned above both the donor and recipient area will take up to 7 days to heal. Your doctor will advise you of your personalised aftercare program; this involves a 4 day course of antibiotics to ensure against infection and some optional medication to avoid post-operative swelling.

Once you’ve recovered from your procedure you’ll begin to see your new eyebrows taking shape after about 3 months.Once you reach this stage you’ll need to trim your new eyebrows about once a month. This is because the new hair can grow to the length of scalp hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the transplanted hair fall out?

    Transplanted hair never falls out. It stays for life

  • Does the grafts taken from the donor area grow back?

    The grafts taken from the donor area never grow back. That is why for each 5 grafts we take 2 and leave 3 to hide but the removal is done in a homogeneous way so that it is not visible.

  • Is the transplant feasible for patients with chronic illnesses?

    The hair transplant is feasible for patients who have chronic illnesses too, except that the rate of the hair that does not hold can be higher.

  • Until what age can patients have hair transplant?

    There is no specific age for the hair transplant. As long as the patient's health situation allows the transplant is feasible.

  • From what age is the hair transplant feasible?

    The hair transplant generally can be done around twenty  but it depends on the individual patient's fall as well as the genetic factor. If the patient loses their hair completely before that ages the transplant is feasible.

  • What are the causes of hair loss?

    There are several bills that can be the cause of hair loss, but the main cause is the genetic factor. There is also the stress, the lack of vitamins and the patient's eating habits.

  • Is the hair transplant possible on scars or burns?

    The hair transplant is possible on scars and burns as well as the rate of hair that does not hold can be higher. 

  • Is the transplant feasible for women without shaving their hair completely?

    The transplant is feasible for women without shaving their hair completely for using the DHI technique.  But you should also know the causes of hair loss before the operation.

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