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The hair is as important for men as the hair, making your beard look impressive. This problem, usually caused by testosterone hormones, greatly undermines the appearance of men as well as their confidence. In order to eliminate this problem, the users are planting their beard. Beard cultivation is a procedure because of the hair falling out or not at all. As a result of this process for the face shapes of people, people can have any beard or moustache. This will increase the trust of people and add a separate air to the person.

Starting with the advice of doctors, the procedure of beard cultivation is done as a result of examinations. During this examination, the needs of the region and how many grafts will be taken from the donor area are analyzed. As a result of the analysis, the people who enter into the operation process after the operation is finished, they undergo the fue and dressing procedure. In this procedure, doctors treat the person. Then the washing process is started and the planting process is terminated.

The procedure of beard transplantation is applied considering the person's chin, cheek, favorite regions and face shape. This process can also be done to hide acne scars. The real purpose of this is to cover up the scars.

The process of beard removal may be for different reasons. Beards that do not come out for hereditary reasons cause damage to the person's self-confidence. In addition, as a result of burns, the cell loses function because of the beard problem may be experienced.

When the beard is added, The Roots to be left in sparse areas can be made by compressing and planting in areas where there is no hair. Of course, the face shape of the person is taken into account when performing this procedure. According to The Shape of the person's face, the moustache is left between 350 and 500 roots and the chin area is left between 600 and 700 roots. In the same way, the cheek area between 300 to 700 root hairs are added to the face. The added roots can be shed again after a certain period of time. You don't have to worry about it because the roots will grow again within 3 months.

The Mustache And Beard Transplantation

Mustache transplantatiın: the mustache  is the most important factor in the formation of male identity and it can cause serious social problem for a person if it is missing.  Scarce mustache, no hair growth in a certain area of the mustache, burns, these problems may create an aesthetic problem for the person. In the case of men not having hair on the upper lip or hair loss, the precise treatment is mustache transplantation.

A person may regret having a mustache transplantation if it has been badly performed. For this reason, the person who will be operated must consult with the doctor and ask him questions and get satisfactory answers. This shows the importance of consultancy.

The hairs to be transplanted are taken from the nape region. For this, individual hair roots are taken with 0.6 mm punches using fue method from the upper nape region.

 If 2-3 grafts are transplanted, it creates an ugly mustache appearance on the skin after shaving. Therefore the transplantation density must be in a way that allows the follicles to be nourished.

Local anesthesia is applied to the area before the operation.  The duration of the operation performed by applying the FUE technique varies according to the volume of the area to be transplanted. After the local anesthesia performed in the area where the mustache or beard is to be planted, the channels  where the follicles will be placed by the expert are carefully opened with the lateral slit  technique according to the direction of natural beard and mustache. If the transplantation is performed like this, no dents appears in the skin even when shaved with a razor.

After the operation, especially the first 3 days the mustache area must be protected.Any movement that may cause irritation and damage should be avoided. It is natural to observe redness for the first 3-4 days following the operation and this can continue until the end of first month.The redness will become scabs and after a week later, it will continue healing. Do not neglect to apply creams to prevent scabbing after the mustache transplantation. You can start shaving after 30 days. After 2 months, the hair starts to grow in the area where the transplantation has been performed and all the mustache grow back within one year.

Mustache transplantation is not like hair transplantation. It is absolutely necessary to have an experienced team in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the transplanted hair fall out?

    Transplanted hair never falls out. It stays for life

  • Does the grafts taken from the donor area grow back?

    The grafts taken from the donor area never grow back. That is why for each 5 grafts we take 2 and leave 3 to hide but the removal is done in a homogeneous way so that it is not visible.

  • Is the transplant feasible for patients with chronic illnesses?

    The hair transplant is feasible for patients who have chronic illnesses too, except that the rate of the hair that does not hold can be higher.

  • Until what age can patients have hair transplant?

    There is no specific age for the hair transplant. As long as the patient's health situation allows the transplant is feasible.

  • From what age is the hair transplant feasible?

    The hair transplant generally can be done around twenty  but it depends on the individual patient's fall as well as the genetic factor. If the patient loses their hair completely before that ages the transplant is feasible.

  • What are the causes of hair loss?

    There are several bills that can be the cause of hair loss, but the main cause is the genetic factor. There is also the stress, the lack of vitamins and the patient's eating habits.

  • Is the hair transplant possible on scars or burns?

    The hair transplant is possible on scars and burns as well as the rate of hair that does not hold can be higher. 

  • Is the transplant feasible for women without shaving their hair completely?

    The transplant is feasible for women without shaving their hair completely for using the DHI technique.  But you should also know the causes of hair loss before the operation.

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