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It is usual to rejuvenate in the treatment which is a method used to make improvements from the person's own blood. When using this method, cell slowness caused by genetic elements will be prevented. This method, which is preferred until the hair loss from rejuvenating to the skin, provides effective results for the treatment of the disease. Many people who are aware of this have adopted this method of treatment. Thus, this method has increased its popularity.

In addition to strengthening the skin and closing the scars, it is also preferred as a solution to hair loss. This method, which is performed with the help of some blood taken from the body of the person, will solve the problem of hair shedding. At the same time with a structure that strengthens the hair, this treatment method has provided positive results to its users. In addition, this process lasts up to 30 minutes, leaving no trace in the person's head. This treatment method, which usually lasts 3 to 4 months, is performed at regular intervals.

Mesotherapy Treatment

This procedure, which takes about 30 minutes, will be sufficient once a year. At the same time, the treatment of one's own blood will eliminate the risk of allergy. This treatment should be done carefully and meticulously. Knowing this, Hair Extrem will be happy to help you.

After treatment, small swelling and pain may occur in some places. Although these problems do not have any side effects, the frequency of recurrence is low. However, in order not to cause infection, it is necessary to make sure that the treated area is hygienic. It is also reported by the doctors that treatment does not bathe and the sun does not stop too.

What Is The Mesotherapy

As a word, the mesotherapy means a treatment which is applied on the middle layer of skin. The purpose is to be effective by injecting the area to be treated with less amount of active substance. This method is applied on skin, scalp and body.

In The Hair Extrem Hair Mesotherapy, special serums containing vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for hair are directly injected into the middle layer of the skin where hair follicles are located.


Mesotherapy treatment is performed in almost every healthcare organization. What the patient needs to pay attention to here is the quality of the medication injected.

It revives damaged hair and helps the treatment of hair loss caused by another disease (thyroid disease, anemia etc.). In addition, it is an efficient treatment method for hair loss due to extended seasonal hair loss and nutritional deficiency.

Benefits of Mesotherapy

Medication is injected near the location of pathology. The benefits of this method are;

  • The opportunity of local application
  • Very few side effects and low cost
  • Superficial intradermal or subdermal application, active bioavailability of the medication
  • Longer intervals between sessions compared to routine applications and the opportunity to arrange the sessions according to customer demands

What Type Of Medication Is Used In Mesotherapy?

There are a lot of medications used in mesotherapy. These are FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) approved medications sold in pharmacies and mostly herbal. What matters is to have good knowledge of pharmacological properties, potential side effects of the medications and their interactions with each other.

When Can You See The Results?

You can see the positive differences after 4-10 sessions. Minimum 3 months is needed to see the first positive results. Hair mesotherapy in HairextreM Hair Therapy Centre consists of 1 session in the first month, 1 session every 15 days in the second and third months and 1 session per month in the last 2 months, a total of 10 sessions. The patient is monitored during this period and the sessions are planned accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the transplanted hair fall out?

    Transplanted hair never falls out. It stays for life

  • Does the grafts taken from the donor area grow back?

    The grafts taken from the donor area never grow back. That is why for each 5 grafts we take 2 and leave 3 to hide but the removal is done in a homogeneous way so that it is not visible.

  • Is the transplant feasible for patients with chronic illnesses?

    The hair transplant is feasible for patients who have chronic illnesses too, except that the rate of the hair that does not hold can be higher.

  • Until what age can patients have hair transplant?

    There is no specific age for the hair transplant. As long as the patient's health situation allows the transplant is feasible.

  • From what age is the hair transplant feasible?

    The hair transplant generally can be done around twenty  but it depends on the individual patient's fall as well as the genetic factor. If the patient loses their hair completely before that ages the transplant is feasible.

  • What are the causes of hair loss?

    There are several bills that can be the cause of hair loss, but the main cause is the genetic factor. There is also the stress, the lack of vitamins and the patient's eating habits.

  • Is the hair transplant possible on scars or burns?

    The hair transplant is possible on scars and burns as well as the rate of hair that does not hold can be higher. 

  • Is the transplant feasible for women without shaving their hair completely?

    The transplant is feasible for women without shaving their hair completely for using the DHI technique.  But you should also know the causes of hair loss before the operation.

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