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Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss in men: heredity and stress, the main factors

Faced with a significant loss of hair or alopecia, it is advisable to act quickly. Often of hereditary origin, alopecia in men can be slowed down with treatments against hair loss.  It is also recommended to guard against stress and to have a balanced diet.


When the fall becomes abnormal:

We all lose between 50 and 80 hairs a day.  Like skin cells, hair renews itself naturally.  Regrowth in principle replace this hair which falls out daily.  Indeed, each hair lives between 2 and 7 years and each hair follicle that gives birth to hair reproduces between 25 and 30 cycles.  However, under the certain factors hair loss accelerates.  In the absence of regrowth, sparse areas become to appear.

The causes: genes, stress, seasonal changes

In men hair loss is mainly of genetic origin.  In fact, hereditary androgenetic alopecia affects about 70% of men.  More commonly, it is called baldness.  It is due to the influence of male hormones, androgens.  It can appear very early, as early as 18 years old.

Gradually, hair growth slows down to one year instead of three or four.  The hair follicle becomes less and less deeply implanted in the dermis and atrophies.  Consequence: the hair becomes thinner.  The scalp becomes bald, first at the temples  forehead and top of the head.

Hair loss can also have other origins:

  • Taking medications such as blood thinners or cancer treatments
  • Psychological shock
  • The stress
  • Nutritional deficiencies, etc.
  • Season changes

Solutions Against Hair Loss

In all cases, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist quickly to curb hair loss without delay.  It turns out to be easier to delay hair loss than to promote regrowth.  Different treatments exist in the form of specific shampoos, lotions, serums.  The dermatologist can also prescribe drug treatments.  Finally, surgical transplant techniques are a solution against hair loss.

On a daily basis, it is also recommended:

  • To take care of his hair by favoring mild shampoos and avoiding the abuse of aggressive products
  • To rest and avoid stress
  • To have a healthy and balanced diet

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